Applique Away On Galveston Bay

Laurel Anderson

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Laurel Anderson makes quilts because they last longer than clean laundry and dishes. She appliqués because it frees her from the regimentation of squares and triangles. She designs her own patterns because the process makes her happy and you may view over 60 patterns on her website: Laurel’s mother taught her to hand sew when she was 6. She was making clothing by the time she became a teen but didn’t learn to quilt until her first son started kindergarten. She made her sons attend quilt shows by telling them to count how many naked people and snakes they could find on the quilts. It worked---you should try it! Laurel is an avid collector of appliqué methods and notions. Her book, Applique Workshop can still be found as an ebook from C&T Publishing and Amazon.

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Linda Neal

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Linda Neal is an award- winning quilter who lives in McKinney, Texas with her husband Robert, 2 Great Pyrenees, and a tiny Maltese. She has 1 daughter and 2 grandchildren. Linda began quilting 17 years ago after retiring from pediatric/neo-natal nursing to concentrate on quilting. Linda’s quilts have won numerous awards from: AQS Paducah and Phoenix, Houston IQA, Pacific International Quilt Festival, Shipshewana Quilt Festival, Quilt Odyssey, Road to California, Quilt Plano, and the Dallas Quilt Show. Linda’s winning quilts are primarily applique with added embellishment. She often makes changes to the published pattern to add personalization and visual impact. Her goal is to make each block in the quilt her favorite. She challenges viewers to search for the added embellishment and detail in each block. Her motto “I can’t do easy,” shows in every quilt. Besides applique, Linda is also known for English Paper Piecing. Her quilt, Perseverance, has 10,509 one -half inch hexagons. Perseverance has won many awards. Linda has made a DVD for Annie’s Crafts showcasing her English Paper Piecing techniques. Linda enjoys sharing her knowledge of applique and English Paper Piecing with students. Her class includes lots of hands-on demonstrations and examples. Even the most advanced students will learn some new tricks! The 2 patterns for Applique Away on Galveston Bay classes were specifically designed to inspire students



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Beautiful Bias Basket


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Tangled Flowers

Catherine Redford

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Catherine Redford was born in England where she learned to knit and sew as a young girl. After relocating from London to Naperville, Illinois, she learned to quilt and never looked back. She's an award-winning quilter, an active member of her local guilds, and a popular teacher at the local and national level. Catherine is a frequent magazine contributor and has enjoyed being a guest on Quilting Arts TV. She is enjoying the resurgence of interest in handwork. Her new embroidery and wool appliqué design book Butterfly Stitches was published by C&T in the Fall of 2020. With two DVDs and a book on Modern Machine Quilting techniques, Catherine delights in finishing her own quilts on a domestic machine!    

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Dena Rosenberg

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Dena Rosenberg is a quilter, a teacher and a history lover. Her love of quilting came from her grandmother. Even though she never saw her grandmother quilt, she has many of her quilts and one quilt her grandmother made specifically for her. Quilting to Dena is a journey, starting at one point and always exploring and finding new techniques to get from one quilt to another. Loving history the way she does, quilting is Dena’s way to stay connected to not only her grandmother, but to women who lived over a hundred of years ago who quilted. Applique has always been Dena’s first love, even though she is an expert piecer, applique quilts were what she wanted to create. Winning awards in applique on her first big appliqué quilt, was the start of her favorite journey, teaching. Sharing her passion for quilting Dena teaches a variety of classes from piecing to appliqué. Appliqué and borderie perse classes are her favorite to teach. Teaching at a variety of quilt stores in the United States, Dena has also taught beginning appliqué classes at the International Quilt Festival in Houston Texas. When asked how her quilting journey brought her to teaching, Dena happily replied, “sharing the joy of quilting, sharing in their excitement, is what makes me want to share my journey with others and hopefully they will start their own!”

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Roseville Album Bird
Roseville Album Vase