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Applique Away On Galveston Bay

Connie Sayler

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My journey as a wife, mother and quilt artist began in Casper, Wyoming, where I grew up. My mother taught me to sew at an early age. I took part in 4-H sewing and, of course, took high school Home Economics. I made my own clothes for many years. My Aunt introduced me to quilting during my high school years. She taught me to piece by hand, sparking a creative urge. As a result, I am always creating things. I have loved working with pottery, beading, weaving, making paper and even designing jewelry. After marrying Mark, my life and business partner, 39 years ago, we gradually made our way to the west coast, always living in relatively small communities. We now live in Eugene, OR, where Mark who has a CPA (retired) and MBA is mostly retired. We have two incredible children; both are grown, on their own, and making us proud every day. I feel very blessed to have been able to stay at home to raise them. Now they are following their passions, setting an incredible example for me. In 2008 everything changed when my youngest went off to college and my mother bought me a book about quilt journaling. I thought it would be an interesting way to jump start my creativity. Little did I know it would be the perfect inspiration! I have been quilting and learning ever since. Quilting has become my favorite pastime and now it will become my life’s vocation, following my passion. I first became aware of Pacific Rim Quilt Company in late 2008 when my husband and I moved to Gold Beach, Oregon. I decided to join the local quilt guild, where I meet Nancy Lee Chong. She has such a creative spirit, that right away I knew I wanted to get to know her better and learn from her. She was offering a mystery applique class to the local guild members and I wanted to take the class. Unfortunately the class was for experienced applique artists only, and I had never appliqued. No problem! I signed up for the class anyway, and spent the next few weeks watching videos online, teaching myself the basics of needleturn applique. I learned even more during Nancy’s class and became hopelessly addicted. After the class Nancy and I became good friends. She taught me all about Hawaiian quilting. I designed my first Hawaiian quilt. After spending time making and learning about Hawaiian quilts, Mark and I visited Hawaii. Hawaii is an unbelievable place. Everything is good there; it smells good, tastes good, feels good, sounds good and looks good. I will continue to learn everything I can about Hawaiian quilting and it will continue to be a major emphasis of Pacific Rim Quilt Company

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Bird of Paradise
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Bonnie Turner

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Cracy Quilt



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     Bonnie Turner is a fiber artist, designer, teacher, lecturer and co-owner of Log Cabin Fabrics. Bonnie has been quilting since 1986 when her husband told her she needed to get a hobby and as they say “the rest is history”. She specializes in memory quilt making, crazy quilting, embroidery, silk ribbon embroidery and fabric manipulation.

     The making of memory quilts started after her nursing experience in Hospice in the early 1980’s. These quilts tend to take on a life of their own. Trying to capture the true sense of a person through photos, personal clothing, items of importance to the family and their loved one is a unique challenge. It’s an honor to be part of the life of someone you have never met.


Bonnie belongs to the AQS and Make it Sew.

Bonnie has taught classes in hand quilting, fabric manipulation, embroidery, applique, memory quilting and much more.


      Bonnie is married to her high school sweetheart and they have 4 wonderful children. Bonnie’s passion for all things quilt or quilt related has become more than a hobby it’s become a way of life. Who knew that obtaining a hobby would become a life changing experience.

Tuscan Garden

Sandra Mollon

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Sandra is a quilt and textile artist living in Valley Springs in Northern California. She saw her first quilt magazine in the late 1980’s, and began quilting in earnest shortly after. Sandra began making very traditional pieced and appliquéd quilts, many winning ribbons, and eventually having one of her original designs, the “Seasons of Life” quilt winning the "Outstanding Large Quilt" award in 2019 at Road to California, and having that quilt going on to win a purchase award at the 2019 Spring Paducah show. It now is a part of the permanent collection of the National Quilt Museum. She is the author of the book “Seasons of Life Quilt, Techniques and Patterns for 13 Baltimore Album Quilt Blocks” published by C&T Publications, released in 2021. She began to be seriously interested in art quilting and thread painting for the past few years, and many of her art quilts have also been award winners at major shows, including “Best Wall Quilt” at the 2021 PIQF in Santa Clara California. She was also interviewed about her work on her quilt “Toroweep Overlook” by the Grand Canyon Historical Society. She has written about her realistic style for “American Quilter” magazine (Jan. 2021 issue). With a background in teaching, being in the classroom has been very comfortable for her, and she enjoys sharing her techniques with others. She has also hosted international quilt tours, and has taught internationally as well as throughout the USA.   

Dove and Magnolia
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Water lILY

Annie Smith

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Annie started her lifelong love for sewing when she was 8 years old, making a simple apron for her maternal Grandmother on a treadle sewing machine. 

Her Gran was a master seamstress who didn’t make quilts because she wanted to be modern, so all beds had store-bought bedspreads on them. 

Annie was driven to sew for herself and her friends, who paid her to make clothes for them, and then eventually their mothers - which put her through college. She made everything but Levis until she started having children. Making quilts was easier because you don’t have to fit a quilt on anyone’s changing body.

Annie started quilting in 1980 when she had her first child, and stumbled upon teaching when she went to purchase a new sewing machine. She went in to test-drive a new Bernina and walked out the door with a teaching job that became her passion in life in 1984.

She first taught at local quilt shops and then branched out to lecture and hold workshops for guilds, all while working full-time in Silicon Valley. 

During the dotcom bust, her job went over to India, so she needed to find something to replace it quick. She hung a quilt in a local quilt shop and started teaching classes - which turned into a full-time job which then turned into designing her own quilts and patterns. 

In 2005, Annie began the first podcast for quilters, Quilting Stash, produced her own online classes, and became an Ambassador for both Bernina and Aurifil threads. She’s authored two books for C&T Publishing - The Ultimate Applique Guidebook and The Ultimate Applique Reference Tool.

Quilting is Annie’s main focus —  Hand and Machine Applique, and Color and Fabric selection are her expertise. She also enjoys reading, genealogy, and knitting.

Annie was born in California and is a sixth generation San Josean. She now resides in Justin, Texas  with her husband who is the biggest supporter of her quilting habit, and their golden retriever, Posey. 

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A is for Applique
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